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girls coats Seven year old girl plays drops carelessly knocks four teeth

North June 21 about 8:30 pm, the family is occupied by Tanzania road nearby Huang Yao ancestor's seven year-old daughter Li Li plays when the courtyard, carelessly from the window drops,girls coats, knocks four teeth. Mr. and Mrs. Huang Yaozong hug the daughter to go to the hospital hurriedly,baby boutique, met the Laiwu Police station Lae Sub-bureau West end Local police station luckily the patrol police, the police has delivered with the police vehicle Li Li the hospital.

Huang Yaozong is the Cantonese, 2006 to Laiwu hiring out for working, comes together also has the wife and daughter Li Li, family of three rent in the northern Tanzania road nearby private residence .6 months on 21st about evening 8 o'clock, Li Li plays in the courtyard, often climbs up in the window and the courtyard high place then jumps down, after Mr. and Mrs. Huang Yaozong several times stop,baby toiletries, has not placed on the heart about .8-and-a-half points, is washing Huang who rinses the Yao ancestor to hear wife one to scream suddenly, runs up to immediately the courtyard. At present let him be startled, daughter Li Li lay prone in ground, the complexion was pale, the blood flowed out from between lips. Very big a while, Li Li only then erupts rips the heart check lung to weep bitterly the sound. Huang Yaozong the wife said that daughter Li Li after climbing up the window, drops carelessly from the window, the mouth department knocked on the gate stair. As soon as the couple break off child's mouth to look that four teeth are knocked, covered with blood. The burning with impatience couple are too busy to think of other, hugs the daughter to run out the main house gate immediately, prepares to the northern Tanzania road on to take the taxi to go to the hospital. Couple anxious time extremely,(Related Articlesbaby bibs funny onesies Endures the powdered milk), the west end local police station's patrol car passes through by chance, has asked the situation, after simply lets three people board immediately, has delivered the hospital Li Li and the parents. After the hospital, the process inspects, the Li Li's four teeth are knocked, the gum and the oral cavity interior is knocked broken, after undergoing the simple treatment, Li Li accepts the infusion treatment in the hospital. Because Mr. and Mrs. Huang Yaozong walk hurriedly, only then wife innertube 20 Yuan. The polices see that has paid the medical expenses with own money.

About the late 9.20 points, settled the daughter Huang Yaozong to draw cash arrived at the west end local police station, expressed thanks repeatedly to the police, and will insist on must ask the polices in tomorrow to eat meal, are politely refused by the polices. The Laiwu person is really good, thanks the police comrade's help. Huang Yaozong said excitedly.

black baby socks Nine year old girl practices in the swimming pool stops air is drowned perishes

Yesterday about 2.40, 9 year-old girls in some plot swimming pool swam when Chongqing unfortunately are drowned in the afternoon die, have witnessed that before the owner name saw the girl to be drowned, the lifeguard to play the handset nearby the swimming pool, after it happened, lifeguard Zhao has been carried off by the Yubei District clay 濉?local police station and accepts the investigation.

The girl whole body turned purple has not had the breath

Yesterday when in the afternoon, reporter rushed to the scene,black baby socks, the being drowned girl 鐜?鐜?has been lifted the shore, the family member squats in the one side chokes with sobs, after 120 rescue workers appraise its already lifeless sign, already left. A scene eyewitness said that in the afternoon about 2.20, 鐜?鐜?alone a person did enter in the swimming pool to swim, how long separates then had not seen her to be supine the body to float on the water surface, afterward turned one lower part of the body in the water, we also thought that her river character was very good, was practicing stops air, but has separated approximately the nearly 20 minutes, discovered that she did not have the sound of something astir, we only then realized have an accident. Sees 鐜?鐜?not any response, an owner is called the lifeguard immediately, and relates to its guardian.

After 鐜?鐜?is lifted comes ashore, the people immediately to it carry on rescue, hear the news to catch up with 鐜?鐜?the mother's sister's husband also to carry on the artificial respiration, but 鐜?鐜?the whole body ice-cold turns purple, the latter process administered first aid doctor to rescue invalid stopped the breath.

Before having an accident, the lifeguard to play the handset

It is known that at that time the scene only had 34 children to swim in the pond, and has several guardians to carry on the one side accompanies a sick person to provide nursing care 0.1 saying that is eyewitness's owner said the lifeguard before it happened was standing in the shore, in the hand in has been playing with the handset, has not noted in the pond the situation. At that time in the pond the human were not many, estimated that he has not brought to the attention, appeared has lowered one's guard. After some guardians think does not suit, he only then catches up with saving others.

Regarding had the owner name saw when the lifeguard work plays the handset incident,(Related ArticlesThe girl contracts the hand and foot mouth to request by the hospital to look up AIDS ), the lifeguard expressed the denial. Reporter from the clay 濉?local police station found that lifeguard Zhao has been carried off at present by the police and accepts the investigation.

The swimming pool just contracted 10 days not to label the water depth and the depth water district

Reporter in the scene seeing, has an accident the swimming pool not to label the depth water district and the water depth, in the pond is standing erect two load-bearing columns, on the one hand is unable from the swimming pool to see in addition on the other hand. Reporter from is responsible for this plot the thing tube find that the swimming pool contract manages to the human. Contractor Zhang the name, oneself takes over the swimming pool to manage about outward only 10 days, provides the free swimming ticket to the plot owner, and has hired two lifeguards, because is the weekend, at the same day a lifeguard is on leave. He indicated that two lifeguards just arrived at the hillock,pumpkin patch kids clothing, has not signed the work contract, but has the specialized lifesaving permit. After it happened,baby gift, Zhang has paid in advance 5000 Yuan funeral expenses to the bereaved.

Attorney view: The hiring and the contractor should take on the responsibility

Attorney Yin Zhugang indicated that the regular swimming pool should mark the water depth and the depth water district position, because 鐜?鐜?underage, after alone enters the swimming pool, its superintendent should fulfill the guardianship duty, if the lifeguard by the determination is the work error, will undertake the responsibility, but the swimming pool hiring and will rent the side also to take on the responsibility.

baby doll Strange! Has the guardian to expel the child unexpectedly to go to the Internet bar

, The main city two jiangs shore, secretly under the river swimming's student were not yesterday many. Some students spoke frankly: The weather is too hot, many schoolmate's guardians go to the Internet bar for Schoolmate Qian Rang to play, the reason is on the Internet bar cannot manage well, but under the elephant the river swimming such will not be easy to make the human life.

Child: Mother lets me come the Internet bar

Yesterday in the afternoon, Yuzhong District culture street earth earth Internet bar. Outside the Internet bar front door has a slope stone ladder, many opens an umbrella the stall keeper sets up a stall along the ladder,baby doll, this lets the Internet bar appears how many some hiding. Enters the Internet bar, many elementary and middle school students appearance's child is playing the game. This lets the Yuzhong District culture administration law enforcement production brigade law enforcement personnel who the Internet bar makes secret inquiries is very is startled.

Selected the spot (alias) is on just first day's male student. At present his wears the ear plug, the eye stares at the computer screen, the finger often dances in the air on the keyboard, the mouse paddlees rapidly. In the game picture's information indicated that he already is senior plays the family.

These days have a vacation, I very want to rest in the home. Had not thought that mother must wants me to come the Internet bar to play the game, said that is feared I bind the riverside with other babies to play. Selected the spot saying that father and mother must go to work, do not have the time to defend him. Plays he when to the Internet bar, unexpectedly bumps into at least more than 10 because of the similar reason to come the child who the Internet bar plays.

One is my schoolmate. He says to me, his mother also equally is called him with my mother to come the Internet bar to hit the game, but also has given 50 Yuan specially. Selects the spot saying that schoolmate tells him, his mother said that the day heat easy to suffer heat-stroke, the Internet bar has the air conditioning, 50 Yuan besides surfer expense, but also includes noon the board, but also said specially wanted darkness only then to go home.

Selects the spot schoolmate confirmed this view. She feared that I go to the riverside swimming,girls swimsuits, otherwise lang possibly lets me come the Internet bar to hit the game? He explained.

Guardian: The surfer always compared to swims strongly

The one who selected the spot and schoolmate said was real? Yesterday in the afternoon, reporter related to the spot mother, she spoke frankly indeed so.

These day of schools are putting the high temperature to be false, our office worker has not had a vacation. The weather is too hot, I let the baby go to the Internet bar am do not have the means means ......This baby is mischievous very, adult greets he very little to listen. Selects the spot mother Ms. Zhao said that for several days, often heard the colleague to mention the matter which the student was drowned dies, the newspaper and the television has also carried on the report,personalized baby bibs, therefore she and the husband worried very much the child when will have a vacation ran in the river to swim.

The surfer always compared to swims strongly. He likes accessing the net, we can only compromise in this special time, give what is desired. Lets him for the money access the net, compared to is always bewildered in the waterfront is drown to death strongly ......Oh! This high temperature is false, when the guardian is also difficult. Ms. Zhao acknowledged that at first she worried the son could not find admits the Internet bar which the minor accessed the net. As soon as however, the son listens, a face badly smiles: I have the means that guaranteed that completes task which mother turns over the handling.

Then,(Related Articlesfunky baby girl clothes blog The scientist plans i), selects the spot to arrive at the earth earth Internet bar, does not have the ID card to access the net in the same old way.

Law-enforcing departments: Whole city rush job inspection

Yesterday in the afternoon, law enforcement personnel to earth earth Internet bar rush job inspection. Said that the Cao Xin network management name, oneself presents so many minors to the Internet bar to access the net not to know the circumstances of the matter. The law enforcement personnel expressed that will admit the minor to this Internet bar to do further investigates, after the verification, punishes severely firmly.

Always compared to swims facing the surfer the strong view, the Yuzhong District culture administration law enforcement production brigade is related the person in charge to express shocks very much, stressed that today will call the area of jurisdiction all Internet bar operator to hold a meeting, through measures and so on announcement key improvement related information, dies of suffocation with joint forces this kind of strange move of spread.

It is known that the school high temperature false will end next Monday. Indicated from the city culture administration law enforcement unit's news that today to this week date, various areas county culture Law-enforcing departments will look like the Yuzhong District culture law enforcement production brigade to be the same, to Internet bar rush job inspection.

Baby Boutique 70% do the nearly guardians confess the defeat for what kind of

The other day, the questionnaire survey which carried on by 1054 guardians demonstrated: The nearly 70% parents thought that they are defeat's guardian.

Participates in this investigation the expert indicated that the guardian in fulfills guardian this responsibility regarding oneself in the situation the approval to be very low, this in fulfills the guardian responsibility with them, carries on the home education to have the problem repeatedly, came across the setback to have the close relationship 0.1 to do the matter which many originally should not the guardian do or does not excel do. For instance quite many guardians too pay great attention regarding the classroom instruction to counsel child's study, teaches the knowledge for the child,Baby Boutique, and did not understand that the teaching the characteristic and the rule,discount kids shoes, often spent the very big time to be very actually difficult effectively, sometimes also will let the child be very repugnant; Second,(Related Articles[celebrates the new year for seven days happily daily joyful] happy lively 2010 Spring Festival), knows to the child has biased,discount girls coats, child's characteristic works as shortcoming. For instance has many guardians to child's active, mischievous, wants to play all the time the wound to pass the brain, actually plays is child's instinct, the guardian does not let the child play, is not good at guiding the child to process amusingly with the study relations, finally the child is not always obedient; Third, the process works as the result, finishes in a hast. In the parents eye, the child question are too always many, is always defeated. Slightly made a mistake to an examination, as big enters a higher school the test as one not to test, can initiate the guardian to child's disaffection.

Educates the researcher to point out that the most guardian's negative self-appraisals, had reflected to a great extent the guardian own role localization mistake and knows in the raise child to the child the deviation. In fact, overwhelming majority children in healthy development, but grows the question to be inevitable. But the guardian discusses himself to be defeated extravagantly from this, no helps to the raise child, what needs is the establishment is self-confident, improves own education quality diligently.

popular kids toys The man suspected that the adopted son steals the money to beat savagely unexpecte

Is stolen 100 Yuan after by his adoption's young boy, is in conspiracy with other 2 adult males to kill unexpectedly this 6 year-old young boy. Yesterday, because three wreaking havoc were a suspect the assault the courtyard to stand trial intentionally in Wuhan.

It is reported that stands trial 3 men rent in Jianghan area Jin Jiadun in a private residence, ordinary day as lives take the larceny, the including 2 people year to year take drugs .2008 year some day, defendant in Hankou Train station saw that roams about the young boy to one, alone a person squats in the roadside, loses color,(Related Articles“the melamine the document collective falls to the enemy), then brings back to it in the family to adopt.

After looking up, on September 3, 2009 evening, because suspected that the child has stolen his 100 Yuan,popular kids toys, then with another two defendant Asia some, the gram some in rents the dwelling, slings after the leather belt 6 year-old young boy, beats. Next day about 6:00, the child already did not have to breathe .3 men to hurry it sends in the Wuhan 11th hospital treatment, but child because of wound shock, after rescue invalid death.

3 men see the child to kill, escape the hospital, doctor in attendance report to the police immediately. Some runs up to Zhongshan after Asia the main road, once more returns to the hospital inquiry, is captured on the scene by the police. But the gram some surrenders in that evening to the local police station.

In the courtyard, said that he is very deep with the child sentiment, every day goes home to teach him to write,toddler toys, paints pictures. At that time hit the child is to teach it not to steal the thing, in order to avoid stepped onto own old route. He at that time completely had not thought that can kill the child.

You said that likes this child, to have thought like this whips the child, he is not received? Judge interrogates fierce, immediately not language. The prosecutor presents evidence immediately: Three people rent the dwelling the resident said that this young boy usually maltreats on Chang Shou, is hit the whole body blue and purple.

The being killed young boy's elder sister is found by the court, and appears in court the civil action plaintiff person who holds the post of this case to supplement. Death of facing the separate many year younger brothers, the elder sister chokes with sobs,celebrity baby boutiques, requests three defendants total to compensate 500,000 Yuan.

This case will pick a lucky day judged.

kids sleeping bag What child has a look at suitably to hire the family education

The guardian hires the family education for the child, because always discovered that the child presented some deviations in the study,kids sleeping bag, for instance: Child some schoolwork has the disparity; Perhaps the child takes an examination ability badly and so on. The guardian hopes through the family education, misses the schoolwork the child to make up promptly. But, each student own situation is different, displays in the study, they both have the disparity which the intelligence factor forms, and has the disparity which the non-intelligence factor forms. Then, what student suitable to hire the family education? The guardian should have the understanding to this question.

According to expert's experience, has in the study the disparity student to sum up for the difference lives is generally inaccurate, some students are only the study habits are not correct. If obtains the experienced family education prompt correction is definitely may transform. Some students have enough to do in the study, is actually willing under the painstaking effort to study, such student hires the family education greatly to have the function. Student in teacher professor a new class time understands ability, accepts ability and memory ability has the disparity. Some students understand very quickly in the classroom, but to writes the work time has forgotten many,baby gear, some students understand slowly, but after understanding often can the long time not forget. Teacher when teaching is unable to look after thoroughly, can only defer to the majority student's synthesizing capacities to carry on the teaching. The guardian should face up to child's disparity, the knowledge which and according to child own strong point, after weakness helps its academic society to use class the time digestion and the absorption studies.

Chooses the family education matters needing attention

In summary, the guardian when hires the family education for the child, should understand that it in the classroom study situation, can achieve with a clear goal,Kids Shoes, raises the efficiency. Certainly, chooses the family education time must pay attention to the following several spots, the separable four steps walk.

1. before hiring the family education, to carry on the communication with the child, is clear about the child regarding the study point of view, has a look at the child is tires of study, is simply does not like some kind of subject, likes, but does not have the good study method to cause the academic record not to be ideal.

2. makes the family education many are the university student or the graduate student, they are close with the child age, communicates compared with easy and the child, the thought is active. But the university student family education's teaching mostly insufficient system, does not understand the teaching rule. Therefore, when hires the university student family education, certainly must inspect earnestly. The family education is best please the regular colleges and universities to graduate, the discipline knowledge is profound, teaching experienced young working teacher.

3. after determination family education teacher, must with family education teacher the explicit school hours and the place. Family education teacher by each night 1~2 hour majority. Although the time is short, but made the full preparation in anticipation. What therefore the guardian is best chooses a family education to serve 2~3 children is suitable.

4. should better sign the written family education contract before true attending class with family education teacher.

Family education two big erroneous zones

>> erroneous zone one: The well-known colleges and universities is a famous teacher

Many people thought Key school teachers all are a famous teacher, therefore has the mind set on hires the family education to invite the well-known colleges and universities teacher's objective, does everything possible to get the social dealings with the Key school teacher, delivers the hanger-on the child.

>> erroneous zone two: Is too narrow to the tutor specialized request

The invitation is not the completely suitable specialized tutor, so long as is not differs too far,(Related Articleswholesale urban kids clothes Begins school the registration to receive the new book actually on almo), not can only satisfy professor the children elementary and middle schools knowledge the need, but can also let the child contact the traditional knowledge ahead of time the nimble application.

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girls clothes The child wants to play all the time enters carelessly the thumb card in the soy cruet

on 28th about 13:00, Suizhou Chuan Town Zhang Yun lives husbands and wives the child when playing the thumb card in the soy cruet, heard the news after the state special service squadron succeeds carelessly rescues,(Related Articlesfashion kids shoes Looks at the snake), relieves the child wound to refer to the pain.

The same day 13:54 point, Zhang Yun lives husbands and wives to carry the child to go by car to arrive at the special service squadron. After the understanding, originally this husbands' and wives' young boy the thumb-stall when plays in the soy cruet, carelessly by the card is been unable to take out, then carries the child to arrive at the fire army to seek help.

Squadron commander Yin Lixun puts in rapidly the child on the rug. Because the time is excessively long, the broken bottle glass already fell into the thumb, the child cries to shout oneself hoarse, in addition the blood circulation is impeded, the child thumb has assumed the pitch-black color, if is not rapid takes out,girls clothes, child's thumb will not guarantee possibly!

Yin Lixun the squadron commander sees that on the one hand requests the soldier to tease the child, alleviates the child frightened mood; On the other hand the order soldier looks for the saw blade, the spirit-burning stove, tools and so on clamp and knife, the saw blade on the spirit-burning stove the heat, then uses the first knife and the saw blade carries on the soy sauce bottle mouth plastic cutting,baby dolls, breaks friendly, afterward uses the clamp 11 to take out the glass fragments,baby socks, is passing through the nearly 30 minutes endeavors, succeeds breaks friendly the bottleneck, takes out the glass, separates the thumb and the broken bottle mouth!

Afterward, the child is escorted to rapidly the hospital treatment.